How to Make the Proper Use of Spotting Scope and Binoculars

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When going bird watching or hunting, the binoculars are something that must accompany you by default. What really matters is the quality of the binocular you carry. Never ever compromise on the quality of it and choose the best one for you. Spotting scopes are the best fit for getting a clearer view of the distant things. Although, it requires a lot of practice to swing that binocular in the right way and at the right time so as to you may not miss the target. Also, this may become a challenge when the element of sight is really far away. But keeping in mind some handy tricks and tips, you can make the proper use of the binoculars and the spotting scope.

Magnification plays an important role. It is measured by an expression that looks like a number followed by an ‘x.’ For binoculars, most people use and prefer 7x and 10x. In order to experience a clear sight, the higher the magnification, the better will be the view.

The next thing that comes under consideration is that the brightness of your binocular. The light transmitted by your binocular or the spotting scope must be the perfect amount so that it gives the best visibility. For brightness measures, an exit pupil of 7.1 millimetres is known to be the best one.

If you want to go for higher magnification scenarios, you should always prefer the spotting scope. It has 20x above magnifications and is best when the target is so far away that the binoculars tend to fail.

In general, the spotting scopes are available in 2 configurations namely angled viewing and straight viewing. If you are a beginner at bird watching, you should definitely go for a straight scope, given its simplicity. However, the angled scope provides a more comfortable view.

The two things that really classify and differentiate the spotting scopes is the eyepiece magnification and their objective diameters. When we talk about the eyepieces, they may come as interchangeable. Or they may be fixed and may be used just like the binoculars. You can even fix magnification or zoom versions.

However, both when compared, the fixed magnification offers a much clearer visibility than the zoom versions. For birding, a zoom eyepiece is an essential since it is the best for zooming out to a wider field when required.

You can only make the best use of your binoculars and the spotting scope if you keep some basic maintenance issues in mind. Such as you have to make sure that your binocular is fog proof. So that you don’t have to clean it up time and again and miss a target. It should be waterproof too.

Focus should also be kept in mind. Keep in mind that you choose the right type of focusing armor such as the ring type or the knob type or the one with the coarse and the fine adjustments.

Follow these simple suggestions, and you should be good to go!

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