Learn to Focus Your Binoculars Properly and Quickly!

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It is simple to use the central focusing wheel to focus your binoculars but that is not the end of it! Have you gone through a lot of research before buying the best binocular? Are you disappointed with the binocular’s focus? Did you get the focus right? It can be quite disappointing when you don’t get the perfect image on your binocular while you are on the field, but if you know how to focus, you can win!

Start with finding out the focus system of your binocular. If there is a dial on the bridge in between the eyepiece tubes, it is the center focus and the other system has the focus adjustments on both the eyepieces.

Getting the individual eyepiece focus right!

The process is very simple but most of them do not realize it till they read this! Look at a distant object through your binocular, to make adjustments on the left tube, you must cover the right tube or close your right eye. Make adjustments till your target is in the right place. To adjust the right tube, follow the same process with your left eye or the left tube.

Center focus is simple!

The lower range and cheap binoculars have only the center focus dial. You must focus the image according to your dominant eye and make adjustments. If the images are not clear, you may have to choose a different binocular! Continuing with this one will strain your eyes and you cannot use it for a longer duration!

How to focus your binocular with the dioptre?

Most of the modern binoculars have the dioptre adjustment. If you look for the expensive hunting models, it will definitely have the dioptre. The dioptre control is on the right side of your binocular. You must be able to set the diopter to compensate the differences in your vision.  When you buy, the dioptre is set to 0 and you can later turn it for your convenience.

To begin with, you must cover the lens that has the dioptre. Closing the lens is very important and it does not work if you just close your eyes. With the right lens closed, look at a down range and focus a sharp and crisp image using the center focus. Now, cover the left lens and adjust your focus using the diopter for the right lens. With the diopter, you need to make adjustments till you get a crystal clear image. You can lock the diopter at this position.

You need to keep changing the focus according to your range. With constant practice, you can make the changes immediately!

Try different ranges and focus and get the best and crisp images out of your binocular. While you are out on a hunting or bird watching, you must learn to quickly adjust your binoculars for better clarity. Keep using your binoculars and practice it at home and you will learn to focus them properly and quickly.

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